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  • Check and set watering days and times
  • Test and adjust all valves and heads
  • Check rain sensor
  • Clean all above ground filters

Available Quarterly

​*Inspection & Repairs Commercial & Residential Licensed & Insured

  • Reduce water days for max efficiency
  • Run equipment at max efficiency
  • Save money on your water bill
  • Inspect rain sensor for proper operation
  • Minimize standing water and mold
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Inspections Available Quarterly & Monthly

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  • Throughout the year we will Fertilize apply weed control, insect and disease control

  • Spring and Summer months, we will apply the necessary pesticides to protect your lawn from harmful insects such as the Chinch bug and Grubs 

  • Winter months your lawn will receive a healthy dose of nitrogen and potassium fertilizer along with a herbicide to reduce future weeds from sprouting